How to fyp on TikTok Update 2023 100% Proven


How to fyp on TikTok Update 2023 100% Proven - Just like Facebook or Instagram, TikTok has now won the hearts of many people. Indonesia is no exception, Tik Tok fever is increasing day by day.

As an entertainment short video app, TikTok provides a space for users to create creative mobile videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute in length. In fact, now you can also upload a 3-minute TikTok video.

In the TikTok application itself, there are many terms that are often used. However, one of the most popular terms on TikTok is FYP. What is FYP and why is it so popular?


FYP stands for "For You Page", which is a recommendation page in the TikTok application that will appear the first time we open the TikTok application.

There are tons of videos to watch on the FYP homepage. Through this page, users can become viral on TikTok. That's why many users want to enter FYP on TikTok.

But the For You page in the TikTok app is different from the next page, on the right. On the next page, when someone follows someone else's TikTok account, the most recently uploaded videos will appear on the next page.

Now if FYP pages appear based on popularity and a certain algorithm then any video that can appear on FYP may not always be of interest to you.

How to FYP on TikTok is actually not difficult. However, you still need to do some special tricks so that the video goes to FYP. So, here are some FYP entry methods that you can try.

How to get fyp on TikTok Update 2022 100% Proven

To be able to appear on the FYP page is not easy, because there are many things that must be considered and this is the key to the success of a video being able to enter the FYP page and be seen by more people.

However, when a video appears on the page, it can indirectly help the account owner to increase engagement and interaction among other TikTok users.

Well, Pricebook has the key to success as you can try converting your videos to FYP. Here's how to enter FYP TikTok that you can use as a guide.

1. Upload Videos at Prime Time

When creating and uploading TikTok video content, make sure to choose the busiest hours, when TikTok users are most active. You can start uploading videos according to TikTok's busy schedule.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, the peak hours of TikTok or what is commonly called the busy time of TikTok are during the day from 12.00 to 13.00 WIB, in the afternoon from 16.00-17.00 WIB, and at night from 19.00 – 23.00 WIB. To appear during these hours, you must schedule a loading time.

For more details, here is the exact schedule for uploading videos to FYP on TikTok at prime time which also applies in Indonesia:

Monday: 14.00 WIB, 18.00 WIB, 21.00 WIB

Tuesday: 10.00 WIB, 16.00 WIB, 21.00 WIB

Wednesday: 11.00 WIB, 19:00 WIB, 20.00 WIB,

Thursday: 06.00 WIB, 21.00 WIB, 23.00 WIB

Friday: 16.00 WIB, 24.00 WIB, 02.00 WIB

Saturday: 06.00 WIB, 07.00 WIB, 22.00 WIB

Sunday: 03.00 WIB, 18.00 WIB, 19.00 WIB

2. Write Interesting Captions

Comments at the bottom of the video should be interesting. As much as possible, caption content represents the TikTok video content that you upload.

Since November 2021, TikTok has increased the number of characters in text from 100 characters to 300. You can use this to make your text as attractive as possible.

In addition, to provoke interaction or comments from other users, this caption can be in the form of a question. This is the easiest way to enter FYP TikTok.

This is done to help and increase the chances of engagement on the videos you upload. With many interactions, the video will automatically appear on the For You page.

3. Create Content that Increases Engagement

The FYP method on TikTok can also be done by trying to create content that can increase interaction between creators and followers. Also pay attention to the quality of your video.

This can be done by creating content that is unique, funny and definitely original. Make sure you make your followers feel excited and happy and that you are willing to leave feedback which will go a long way in improving your rankings.

4. Collaboration or Duet with Other Creators

To make your TikTok account more recognizable, create collaborative content with other TikTok creators, it can be duo videos, or doing challenges together.

TikTok duet videos have proven to be powerful enough to increase the exposure of the video content you create. If the results of the duet are interesting, many comments will surely come, especially if your duet video is responded to by the creator you are duet with.

5. Follow Trends and Challenges

In addition, how to enter FYP TikTok can also be done by following the latest trend issues. Almost every day there are unique challenges or TikTok challenges created by users.

When the challenge goes viral, it's time to try your own copy and upload it to your TikTok account.

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