How to Overcome Full HP Internal Memory


How to Overcome Full HP Internal Memory - Not a few smartphone users are annoyed and annoyed because HP's performance is getting slower. Well, one of the reasons is that the HP memory is full. However, you can beat the entire HP internal memory without the hassle and speed. Read on to review to the end.

3 Ways to Overcome Full HP Internal Memory

Smartphones cannot be separated from internal and external storage. Now the memory on the cellphone certainly plays an important role in being able to store files or data. As the data stored increases, the storage space in memory also decreases.

But for those who don't know the difference between internal and external memory, the internal memory itself is the virtual memory found on the cellphone, and the external memory is memory that users can add to the cellphone with the aim of increasing storage space.

So what if your cellphone's internal memory is full and makes your cellphone's performance slow and crashes because your cellphone can't save data anymore? Relax, there are several ways to beat the entire HP internal memory that you can try.

Clear Application Cache

One way you can do this is to clear the app cache. The cache itself is leftover data that we no longer use. Cache usually accumulates after using many applications for a long time, such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and online games.

This application has a large cache, so if it is not cleaned seriously it will accumulate and make your internal cellphone full. Well, be sure to delete my friend. For some devices, the method may be different, but in general you can follow these steps:

First, go to Settings on your cellphone or you can select the gear icon.

Then scroll down and select the "App Management" menu

If so, click on all applications or some that you think you often access.

Then click the application that you want to select, and select "Storage Usage"

And there must be a "Clear Cache" option, you can click to delete it.


Delete Unimportant Photos and Videos

If you ask why the internal memory is full quickly? One of them is the large number of photos and videos on your phone, and this is the most common reason, so you should regularly delete photos and videos that you think are not important.

Still related to the previous method, usually a lot of images that we don't want come from Whatsapp. So you can disable the download mode for image or video files automatically. So if a friend or group sends a photo or video, the file won't download automatically and you'll have to download it manually.

Delete Rarely Used Application Data

Well, here the matter is usually very touching! Big app data takes up a lot of our storage, especially apps that we rarely use and maybe don't really need. Try it mate, go to settings and select Manage app or you can see method #1 above. You can delete data that you think is unnecessary or not really needed!

Games usually contain huge amounts of data, especially online and offline games! But if the game has an account, you'd better save your account to log back in! Too bad your cool friend's account will be lost if you can't log in again.

That's all I can say about how to deal with full HP internal memory, if you have questions, please ask in the comments column.

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